Why Gender Matters - Leonard Sax, MD, PhD

Why Gender Matters

3.3333 3 5 Forfatter: Leonard Sax, MD, PhD Oplæser: Keith Sellon-Wright
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Are boys and girls really that different? Why Gender Matters broke ground in illuminating differences between boys and girls when it was first published in 2005 - how they perceive the world, how they learn, how they process emotions and take risks. Dr. Sax showed that when we overlook the hardwired differences between boys and girls, we may end up reinforcing damaging stereotypes, and fail to help our kids to reach their full potential. In the years since, the world has changed drastically. An avalanche of new research supports, deepens, and expands Dr. Sax's work. This indispensable guide for parents and educators is thoroughly revised and updated to include new findings about how boys and girls interact with social media and video games; differences in how girls and boys see, hear, and smell; and guidance about how to support gender nonconforming, LGB, and transgender kids. Sex differences are real, and they matter. Dr. Sax accessibly weaves the science with stories and insights from his decades of experience as a psychologist and physician to show how to raise happier, healthier kids.
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Forlag: Blackstone Audio
Udgivet: 2017-11-27
Længde: 10T 29M
ISBN: 9781504784689

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