The Book of Ezekiel: An Expositional Commentary - Chuck Missler

The Book of Ezekiel: An Expositional Commentary

The Book of Ezekiel: An Expositional Commentary

4.5 2 5 Forfatter: Chuck Missler Oplæser: Chuck Missler
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The Book of Ezekiel Ezekiel was one of the most fascinating and mystical prophets of the Old Testament. He was held captive with King Jehoiachin in the second of three deportations under Nebuchadnezzar, years before Jerusalem was overthrown. Daniel, who had been in Babylon years before Ezekiel arrived, is mentioned three times. Ezekiel used symbols and allegory more than other prophets. He had a remarkable vision of God's Throne in Chapter 1, and this vision was referenced throughout the book. God intended his very life to be a sign to Israel; Ezekiel therefore engages in some strange behavior: he shut himself up in his home, bound himself, and was struck dumb. He was to lie on his right and his left sides for a total of 430 days, he ate bread that was prepared in an unclean manner, and he shaved his head and beard, which was shameful for those in his calling. Ezekiel was colorful and enigmatic in his prophetic perspectives. He was also very direct, carefully vindicating God's justice, and also providing insight on Satan's origin. This study contains 24 hours of verse by verse teaching
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Forlag: Authors Republic
Udgivet: 2017-10-10
Længde: 23T 11M
ISBN: 9781578217380

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