The Hoops Quiz Book - John DT White

The Hoops Quiz Book

The Hoops Quiz Book

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Are all you ardent Celtic fans up to this challenge? Pit your wits against 1,500 wide-ranging questions about your beloved team, and get ready to step up a gear as you progress to the last section, designed to test even the most knowledgeable expert among you. You may know your Henrik Larsson from your Liam Brady, but do you know your Yogi from your Shuggie, or your Jambos from your Jags? Covering the history of the team, players and managers, championships, squad numbers, former clubs, opponents, specific seasons, transfers, trophies, opponents, league positions, nationalities, nicknames, leading goal scorers and award winners, there's something to baffle even die-hard aficionados. Containing a wealth of information, it is as much an excellent reference book of facts and figures as it is a quiz book, and it is guaranteed both to entertain and to stir up memories of unforgettable moments in Celtic's history, as well as the personalities that have made the Club what it is today.
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Forlag: Andrews UK
Udgivet: 2011-09-28
ISBN: 9781908582829

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