Louisa Elliott - Ann Victoria Roberts

Louisa Elliott

Louisa Elliott

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Two men, one woman, and a family with secrets... Set in the walled City of York, this sweeping Victorian chronicle is based on a true story. It tells of the life and loves of a remarkable woman - Louisa Elliott. Proud and determined, she battles to overcome the stigmas of the past: a past shared by her cousin, Edward Elliott. Adoring her, Edward must stand by while she falls passionately in love with another man. Robert Duncannon, an Irish officer with the Royal Dragoons, is everything steadfast, loyal Edward can never be. But Robert has secrets of his own... In pursuit of a happiness just out of reach, Louisa must choose between the respectability she craves, and the uncertainty of life with a man she may never marry. And having decided, face the consequences. A great, rich novel, peopled with characters you come to know intimately and care about deeply, LOUISA ELLIOTT will linger with you long after the final page has been turned.
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Forlag: eBookPartnership.com
Udgivet: 2014-04-06
ISBN: 9781909270848

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